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As I Sit Alone

As I sit alone apart from you,
I dream only of you being here.
How I miss your presence,
The laughter, the talk, the love.
I am so alone without you.
I go through the daily steps,
The same ones as if you were here.
But my life is empty.
Temporarily missing the integral
Part you play in it.
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
But I for one must disagree.
I could never be more fond of you.
And I am so incomplete with you gone.
Never my love, would I have imagined,
I could be in shoes such as these.
Never could I have imagined
A love so deep, so true, so fulfilling,
so complete.
I shall never quit being myself,
Nor shall I ever become dependant upon you.
I shall, however, continue to love you
more and more with each minute that passes.
And I shall never become accustomed
To being apart from you.

~Terry Williams Carnwright~